QUICK AND EASY ORGANIZATION: Simply place in position on carpet or rug and they won’t move, but easy to remove when needed; no need for tape, chairs, mats, stools, cushions; organize kids in seconds

  • NO CARPET DAMAGE: Mini round sticky dots tightly grip carpet but leave no residue at all; safe to use and won’t trip anyone; so flat you can even vacuum over them

  • FUN BUT TOUGH: Small enough to disappear when kids are sitting down; bright fun colors are easy to see; made from super strong nylon, puts up with anything kids can throw at it

  • MULTIPLE USES: Ideal for gym class, PE, dance, gymnastics, music, sports; teachers and educators love them for everyday activities, organising the classroom, lining up, sitting down, making shapes

  • USE IN SCHOOL AND OUT: Use them in your pre-school lessons, but also great for parties, clubs, activities for adults with disabilities, therapy, and anywhere you need to organize space

  • The Fun and Easy Way to Organize Your Classes
    Every teacher knows the feeling. You need to get your kids to stand in line, sit in position, form groups—but they have other ideas! So make it easy on yourself with the Daju Spot Markers. These markers are effortless to use, super tough, won’t damage the carpet, and they’re fun!

    30 Colored Dots for Any Activity
    Now there is no need to stick tape on the floor or use cushions or chairs! It’s faster, easier, and there is less mess.
    This pack contains:
    • 30 colored nylon dots
    • 6 bright and bold colors
    • Each has a diameter of 4” / 10cm
    They are perfect for:
    • preschool and elementary classrooms
    • parties
    • therapy sessions
    • adults with learning disabilities
    • sports and games
    • clubs and gym class
    • at home
    Use them to organize the classroom, divide children into groups, line up in rows, sit down for storytime, make circles and shapes … anything! Build them into your lessons in the way you want to.
    ✓ Stick Fast with No Damage The bright dots stick tightly to the carpet using tiny hooks, so they won’t slip. But they are easy to remove again by peeling them off. And they won’t leave any residue or damage the carpet at all.
    ✓ Completely Safe to Use The non-slip, non-trip design means these are safe for any classroom setting. They stick so flat to the floor that you can vacuum over them.
    ✓ Tough and Long Lasting Made from super strong nylon, these dots are made to last. They’ll put up with anything kids can throw at them! You can even write on them if you want to. Add numbers and letters to create new fun ways to learn.

    Buy your pack of 30 dots today and make your lessons even more fun!

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Lucia Schimanowsky
    Great product-sit spots

    Excellent product, bright, cheery and very strong. Speedy delivery and great price.
    Will order again!

    Trish Foran
    Carpet Spot Markers

    A terrific product. Presented in a handy waterproof packet. These can be used for a 101 different purposes! Use as markers on the floor for seating, games, letter recognition, counting patterns, exercise tasks, etc. These are also useful for wall displays and a activities if the walls are covered with a pinup mat. Love this product!

    Ben Inglis
    Excellent resource

    Brightly coloured and stick down quite firmly. Took a while to arrive as they were out of stock but the Daju team were very helpful and made sure it arrived as soon as it could

    Rachel Allen

    I ordered my floor dots and they arrived within two days. They stick to the carpet well. They mark quiet easily but so do all the other more expensive brands. Thank you.