• JUMP FOR JOY – Rainbow skipping ropes would make any child glow with excitement. Girls and boys aged 3+ can use this cool toy indoors or outdoors for fabulous fitness and friendly fun.
  • DOUBLE THE PLEASURE - Comes as a PACK OF 2, so there’s always a replacement rope on hand. It’s ideal for siblings and friends to play together.
  • HOP, SKIP & JUMP – Parents can use our skipping rope as a smart alternative to get kids off their tablets at home, and have them exercise outside in the fresh air. Jump rope is a super workout for building agility.
  • FAB FIT FUN - The Daju Jump Rope is 7 ft/2 Meters long with the advantage of being easily adjustable. It has small wooden handles, which are perfect for little hands, and the light rope is tangle-free.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow, Kids are Jumping High for the Daju Skipping Rope!

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, parents were kids themselves. We didn’t have digital devices, so we had to rely on traditional games and toys instead. When school was out, we couldn’t wait to play outdoors and be active.

Fast forward to today and think about how times have changed. Bring your child back to the activities we enjoyed as children, and who didn’t love to jump rope?! It’s a fun activity you can do alone or with others, while making new friends and getting quality exercise.

Your child will jump in feet first with these amazing benefits: 

  • Features a vibrant rainbow of colors – Pink, Purple, Green, Orange, Yellow and Blue
  • Cord is adjustable by pushing it through handle and tying a new knot further down the rope
  • 7ft/2 Meters length.  Most suitable for children for children aged 4-8.
  • Wood handles allow kids to get a strong, sturdy grip
  • Rope is lightweight and tangle-free
  • Use indoors or outdoors for fitness and fun

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Children's skipping rope

These skipping ropes are too light for Kids learning to skip. They need a slightly heavier rope.

Xmas gifts

These skipping ropes are awesome, good quality well worth the money. I’m sure are granddaughters will love them for Xmas!

Madeleine Dozzi

Skipping ropes are just perfect and beautiful quality. Love the colours. The kids will be thrilled at Christmas when they find them in their stockings!

Shari Faamoe

Great product. Kids love it! Good quality. Thank you