This clay tools set comes with the following tools. 

  • Potters Rib
    • Used for opening, shaping, smoothing and trimming clay.
  • Modelling Tool
    • Features 2 unique heads that are great for shaping clay.
  • Ribbon Tool
    • Used for light cutting and trimming of clay and adding design details.
  • Sponge
    • Used for transporting water to clay when it is being worked and also absorbs and transfers water away from clay when it is being thrown.  
  • Needle Tool
    • Used for cutting clay strips, designs in clay and making holes in beads.
  • Loop Tool
    • Used to trim or refine the shape and control wall thickness.
  • Metal Scraper
    • Used for shaping, smoothing and trimming clay shapes.
  • Wire Clay Cutter
    • Used for sectioning large pieces of clay and cutting pots off the wheel.

Also suitable for working with polymer and air dry clay

NB: This set is not suitable for younger kids due to sharp points.