Add some extra personality to your Christmas tree this year with this fun and easy Christmas decorations kit for kids.

Kids love crafts and this Christmas decorations kit is not only fun but also easy enough for kids aged 3 and over.  This Daju Christmas Decorations Kit will ensure kids will have a great time creating their own tree decorations to take pride of place on your families Christmas Tree.

Everything you need is included

The fun craft kit comes with everything you need, there is no need to purchase other items.  Including the raw decorations, paint, paintbrush, glitter glue and gems, children will have a fun, rewarding and educational experience building this kit.

The Perfect Creative Gift

This Daju Christmas Decorations Kit would make an ideal creative gift for any child who enjoys arts and crafts.  It’s perfect for birthdays and pre Christmas secret santa gifts..

So click 'Add To Cart' and let your child unleash their creativity with this fun craft set!