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Our geometric shapes set is a maths aid for early learners, suitable for use at home or in the classroom.  This set helps Illustrate relationships between area, volume, shape, form and size.

Plastic shapes include:

  • Rectangle measuring 14cm x 10cm x 6cm
  • Rectangle measuring 10cm x 6cm x 6cm
  • Cube measuring 10cm x 10cm x 10cm
  • Cone measuring 6cm x 10cm
  • Sphere measuring 6cm diameter
  • Cylinder measuring 6cm x 10cm
  • Pyramid measuring 6cm x 6cm x 10 cm

Suitable for ages 5 and up.

Customer Reviews

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Indianna Scuderi
Good but not quite what I expected

I thought the objects were solid blocks, they were not. They are slim plastic walled blocks, and you need to put the base on each block to finish it off. Which doesn’t give me much faith that they will be durable.

What disappointed me the most was the sphere. The sphere is a plastic ball one that you can get from a ball pit for an infant/ toddler! So disappointed for the money I spent on it. Considering that could have definitely not been included.

Dani Lim
Great for teaching shading of forms.

I bought his set to teach my art students how to draw, shade and add shadow to 3D forms.
It arrived very quickly.

All of the shapes are semi-gloss hollow forms and none have sharp edges. The larger green and yellow rectangular prisms come with one side unattached (that you can push into position) so the other shapes can nestle inside and save space.

The range of colours are bright and appealing to kids and more vibrant than shown in the photo of the stacked forms.

Because the sphere is thin plastic and has air sealed inside it doesn't permanently dent like some hard plastics could. As an art teacher, my only criticism is that the sphere has a seam line and thin ring around each end which makes it harder to draw the shine on it.

I still think the set was good value for the price, as it is difficult to source cone and pyramid shapes (along with similarly sized prisms) in that price bracket and I can pretty easily find another more shiny sphere/ball from somewhere else like a toy/sports store.

For the purposes of seeing subtle tones, it would be good to have a white version of this set too, but I think you could spray paint these (maybe not the sphere).

I have used it with my students already and I can see that It is great for multiple configurations and is easy to put back into the box for storage.